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Aba Therapy at

Home & Daycare

Language Building

School Readiness

Life Skills

OAP Approved ABA Therapy at Your Home
Day Time & After School Programs
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Nexus Aba Therapy at Home provides aba therapy services in the home, daycare and private school setting for children with autism spectrum disorder.  We offer individualized treatment programs to meet the needs of each child and assist in aba training for parents and family members to encourage ongoing therapeutic support and maximize treatment efficacy.

What are the Advantages of Aba Therapy at Home

Providing in-home therapy to children with autism within their natural environment facilitates language learning and life skills while also helping decrease undesirable behaviors because therapy is being delivered where the behaviour will normally take place.  In-home care also provides better, and more opportunities for parent and caregiver training, thereby allowing them to reinforce the ABA interventions and increase the chances that the child will maintain the desired behavior and the acquisition of new skills.  (

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Speech & Language


Experience the benefits of inter-disciplinary speech therapy consultation as a part of your aba treatment program.  Our goal for each child is to achieved the greatest possible level of independence, comprehension and communication success during daily activities at home, daycare and school.  Our aba team will collaborate with your speech-language pathologist to help your child speak more clearly amd maximize their communication potential.

Contact Nexus Therapy for further information on our collaborated approach to aba treatment to better help your child understand and follow directions, communicate their needs, answer questions and develop social language skills.

In-Home Early Intervention


The early years are critical to a child's development.  Our Personalized early intervention programs aim to ensure progress in language, social skills, following instructions, communication, self help skills, activities of daily living and school readiness.  We understand that every child is different and our treatment plans are uniquely developed for your child while also inviting the active participation of the parent at each stage.

Contact us further information about the aba services we offer for preschoolers within the home or daycare setting in your area.


Social Skills


Difficulties with interactive play and social skills are one of the hallmark signs of autism spectrum disorder.  Enrollment into daycare or school where there are opportunities to engage in play with peers often does not help in the development of social skills very much.  For many children on the autism spectrum play skills, social interaction, social language and conversation skills must be taught and practiced within a a therapeutic setting before they can be expected to generalize these skills with other people at home and in the community. 


Contact us for more information regarding our social skills programs in your area.

ABA Academic & Home Schooling Programs


Many children on the autism spectrum who experience difficulties with attending and working independently at school are able to learn more readily with one to one aba instruction offered after school or in a home schooling program.  Nexus Therapy offers individualized home schooling programs to help your child advance in language, reading and math and better meet the expectations of the school curriculum.

Contact us to find out more about aba therapy academic after school and home schooling programs for children in your area.


Personal Care & Hygiene


​The process of toilet training, personal hygiene, dressing and grooming is typically instilled in a child’s daily life. Parents teach children how to complete tasks such as going to the bathroom, washing hands, brushing teeth, showering, combing hair, and putting on clothing and shoes in a specific order. Children with ASD typically take more time before they learn to making personal hygiene and grooming into a routine.


Our ABA treatment programs focus parent and caregiver training and direct intervention to help children become more independent in using the bathroom, washing, bathing and dressing. 

Call: (416) 832-0882

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